February Newsletter: Kanban for DevOps, 7 Lean Metrics, New Custom Card Icons, and More

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Here’s the February 2015 edition of the LeanKit monthly newsletter. Make sure you catch the next issue in your inbox and subscribe today.

Kanban for DevOps: 3 Reasons IT Ops Uses Lean Flow

Heard the joke about being “done” and being “done-done?” In part one of this three-part blog series, Dominica DeGrandis explores why using a lean flow approach can help redefine the finish line for IT Ops teams and those who are implementing a DevOps value chain. READ MORE

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3 Reasons IT Ops Uses Lean Flow (Kanban for DevOps part 1 of 3)

In this three-part series on Kanban for DevOps, Dominica DeGrandis, Director of Training and Coaching at LeanKit, explains three key reasons why IT Ops teams and those implementing a DevOps value chain use a lean flow approach to product development. Here’s part one.

Reason #1: The work isn’t done until it’s working right in Production.

There’s a joke in software development about being “done” and being “done-done.” Single-done is the platitude; double-done is the retort. Corks pop, banners fly, the new feature is “done”—but real work still remains. Work requiring someone from operations to stay behind to get it “done-done.”

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January Newsletter: Future of Lean, DeGrandis Joins LeanKit, New Help Center, and More

January 2015 Newsletter

Here’s the January 2015 edition of the LeanKit monthly newsletter. Make sure you catch the next issue in your inbox and subscribe today.

What is the Future of Lean?

Dan Jones and Jim Womack, founding fathers of the Lean movement, discuss the current state, evolution, and future of Lean thinking. Hear their thoughts about the contribution Lean can make to the digital age by influencing how people work to create value. READ MORE

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DevOps Evangelist Dominica DeGrandis Joins LeanKit

Dominica DeGrandis Joins LeanKit  as Director of Training and CoachingWe’re excited that Dominica DeGrandis has joined LeanKit as our Director of Training and Coaching. Dominica is well known for her work with IT and Operations teams as a Kanban for DevOps trainer and coach. As a highly recognized international speaker, she’s often on the road, appearing at events focused on Lean, Kanban, Agile, and DevOps.

In this new role at LeanKit, Dominica will become an active participant in leading many of our training and consulting sessions, as well as speaking on behalf of LeanKit at conferences around the world.

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