Real-World Kanban

Your team is stressed; priorities are unclear. You’re not sure what your teammates are working on and management isn’t helping. Sound familiar? If so, watch this webinar to find out how Kanban can help.

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Lead Time Metrics: Why Weekends Matter


At the Agile2015 conference last August, I overheard a tool vendor demonstrating metrics reports to an interested visitor. Wanting to learn more, I lingered by the booth. The visitor expressed interest in lead time metrics and asked if there was any way to exclude weekends from the lead time reports.

I intruded (in my politest, most respectable way) and asked, “Really? Why do you want to exclude weekends from lead time?”

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5 Ways to Find Slack Time for Critical IT Improvements

slack time

As an IT department, you receive so many requests that you often have to put your own long-term improvements on the back burner. When you finally come up for air, you realize that your tech platform left the “patchable” state a long time ago — and now it’s burning.

You need slack time to make critical long-term improvements — before your staff loses faith and leaves. This is easier said than done, since finding slack time (without working longer hours) often requires making tricky trade-off decisions. Here are five areas where you can carve out the time you need.

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Batch on Flow: The Physics of Lean Throughput

 alt text: Increase productivity by limiting Work in Progress (WIP)

Batch on Flow

My name is Bob Batcheler, but my friends and colleagues call me Batch. I am new at LeanKit. When I started here, I expected the ritual hazing about my last name, mostly having to do with my marital status, but LeanKit broke the mold.

Early on, either @leankitjon or @indomitablehef (LeanKit’s COO and CEO, respectively) commented that I may have to change my nickname from Batch to Flow — definitely an “inside Lean” joke. The more I thought about it, I realized it would be a great topic for my first blog post. So, here you go — Batch on flow.

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5 Steps to Customizing Your Kanban Board

Kanban Board GIF

Whether you’re a cook using a recipe to make a new entree, a kid using instructions to build a new lego set, or a developer using a code example to learn a new language, guides can save your sanity and help you learn faster. The same is true for creating a new Kanban board or for modifying an existing board.

Seeing how other teams structure their boards can be extremely helpful. In fact, that’s why we include board templates in our application and have curated board galleries like 10 Kanban Board Examples for IT Operations & Development. All too often, though, we see teams get caught in the “template trap.” It happens when you try to force-fit your team into following a template, instead of creating a Kanban board that reflects your actual workflow.

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