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The volume of tools in use during an average day can be daunting – calendars, lists, email and project management tools, just to name a few. Using multiple tools/business applications is a reality most of us have accepted and maybe even embraced (is there an app for that yet?). But using multiple applications should not introduce inefficiency in our work while maintaining visibility and simplicity.

Those that work on multiple projects, with multiple teams, or interact within or cross-organizationally have to maintain information in the multiple applications to ensure transparency and foster collaboration. The more complex the system of non-integrated applications, the more likely it is for our work to be inefficient and our re-typing to be error prone. LeanKit has partnered with Zapier to help provide a way to allow simple drag and drop application integration to/from LeanKit to assist us all with this difficult conundrum.

With Zapier’s automated online integration tool, the project and task information you manage in other business applications for communication/meeting management (Google, GoToMeeting), CRM (Salesforce, Zendesk) or marketing automation (Emma, HubSpot) can be consolidated and made visible in LeanKit. Likewise, your business applications can automatically reflect updates made to your LeanKit project boards. And that’s just scratching the visibility and simplicity surface.

LeanKit Integration Ex.

Zapier has over 180 online service application integrations to choose from; check out all of the apps here. There is no coding to get the LeanKit integration started – we’ve already done that for you – allowing for quick set-up of your origin/destination business application and associated update settings. Should you want to try Zapier out (a.k.a. getting Zapped!), they’ve provided a special offer.  Zapier’s recent blog about Automated Project Management with LeanKit also has more great information.

Be sure to sign up for a free trial of LeanKit if you have not experienced our Instant Project Visibility.

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