LeanKit is growing quickly and we’re constantly on the look-out for great people to help us keep that growth going strong.

Our current team is made up of wonderful people. In fact, our core team decided to start a company together before we knew what we wanted to build. We had worked together before and liked it so much we wanted to again. We were absolutely sure we would have a great time together no matter what the project. And we were right!

You can see from our posts on Facebook that we’ve got a great place to work. A historic building in a charming historic district. Plenty of parking, great restaurants, art galleries, and music venues in walking distance. Treehouses, punching bags, brick, exposed beams, natural light, standing desks, and bar stools inside.  If we had tried to design the perfect small software company office, we couldn’t have done much better.

Even though we’re a small company, proudly based in Middle Tennessee, we already have a customer base of hundreds of companies around the world. We have partner developers and sales agents in South America and Europe that we work with closely on a daily basis. And we’re deeply connected with the leadership of the Lean-Agile movement that’s transforming the way people work. We’re a company with a mission to change the world.

We offer competitive pay and benefits: medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and long term care. Hours are flexible; telecommuting is common for all of us. We’re liberal and informal about time off and vacation. The fridge is always stocked with Mountain Dew. But. We’re a high-speed, high-growth software startup so don’t apply if you’re just looking for a 9-5 job. We work hard and expect new team mates to as well. We don’t plan for it but we do sometimes work nights and weekends when we have to in order to take care of our customers. We want people who are willing to stretch their skills to the limit and take risks to earn high rewards and make things happen.

We are that rare company you’ve been seeking: an early stage software company with genuine sales, growth, funding, and disruptive products. We’re busy, but we all have lives and we’re not a burnout shop. We hire the best people and treat them well.

Sound interesting? Send an e-mail to with a description of why you fit in this picture along with a link to your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, or other social profiles.

  • Don’t send us an attached resume, just your LinkedIn profile
  • Please don’t call until we’ve contacted you. Reserve our support line for our customers :-)
  • No recruiters please. No offense guys. We’re just looking to hand-pick someone ourselves.

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