5 Benefits of Lean for Marketers

Being a effective marketer today requires creativity, strategic thinking, and most importantly - focus. With thousands of channels and mediums available to market to prospects and customers, and hundreds of marketing tools to choose from when creating our tech stacks, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. All too often, as marketers we focus our efforts on the…

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Train Your Brain to Single-Task with Kanban

Multitasking is a silent killer of productivity, disguised as a ‘life hack.’ In their book Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life, authors Dr. Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore describe how multitasking increases the risk for making mistakes and missing important information and cues. Their research shows that people who multitask are less likely to retain information in working memory, which…

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Regain Focus with Kanban

How often do you find yourself at work flipping between tabs, unable to complete a thought before moving onto something else? You go from answering an email to checking a Facebook notification to reading some LinkedIn article, and then - what was I doing? Oh yeah, answering that email. It’s the digital equivalent of walking into a room and forgetting why…

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Why Great Customer Service in a Lean Company Matters

The ultimate goal of Lean management is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Traditionally focused on manufacturing and software development, customer value comes in the form of speed, price, and product quality. But what about the value of customer service? We’ve found that practicing Lean principles can help you become a more efficient customer-focused company with a competitive advantage. The…

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New Look, Same LeanKit

You may have noticed a few small changes recently in LeanKit, namely the font and color. These changes are just a couple of examples of the many small changes we will be making as we update our UI to a new, fresh look. Our goal is to maintain the same ease of use that exists in LeanKit today, while implementing design changes to ensure consistent and effortless experience across all devices and browsers.

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Goodbye Manual User Management, Hello Automated User Provisioning

Picture this: 10,000 employees and 20 enterprise-wide applications with an average of ten new hires and five exiting employees a week. Now imagine the amount of time someone spends creating, editing, deleting and permissioning all those users and roles across the varying applications they use -- ever changing with requests growing by the day.

If that sounds like your life on a daily basis, you must be an account administrator for the tools and applications your company uses. We feel your pain.

We know how taxing the manual work of user management can be. We also know that account admins are a critical component to scaling applications while maintaining efficient and secure operations within our enterprise clients. We’re here to help.

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New Release: More Ways to Connect Work, More Visibility

If you’re trying to be more lean and agile, you know it’s important to decouple work and limit cross-functional dependencies. While dependencies often present risks to fast, continuous delivery, they are also an inevitable part of any high-functioning organization. Where necessary dependencies exist, it’s important to visualize them in a way that keeps everyone aligned.

With our latest Connections release, we’re bringing you even more ways to gain visibility into work across your organization. Now you can connect one child card to multiple parent cards, enabling you to communicate project status across multiple boards without having to create more work for you and your teams.

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