Kanban Training: Essential for Success?


When teams are getting started with Kanban, they often ask us: Is Kanban training essential to “do” Kanban? Although LeanKit’s Customer Success team provides some of the best Kanban training available, our honest answer is no — you can be incredibly successful with Kanban without Kanban training. That is, if you can apply concepts well, think critically, and commit to creating an environment of continuous improvement.

That being said: Kanban training can be a launching pad, especially for teams new to Kanban, that can help you avoid common mistakes and get on the fast track to success.

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The Pressures of Demand and Supply: Making IT Better, Faster, Cheaper


The IT industry is going through a profound shift based on market pressures it has, in one sense, helped to create. The speed and cultural expectations that have evolved from an Internet/streaming economy have created a business culture and expectation which requires unprecedented levels of agility to remain viable — let alone profitable. This has created a downstream impact on internal and external IT providers, who must find ways to optimize the way they process requests and deliver services.

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Why Lean IT Operations is Business Critical


In the modern enterprise, success is determined by an organization’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace — a concept known as business agility. Without the ability to deliver up-to-date, relevant information where it’s needed most, organizations are unable to respond to internal and external opportunities and threats as they appear.

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SAFe and Kanban: Why They’re Better Together


Changing customer expectations, “burning platforms,” competitive pressures, and increasing regulatory requirements are just a few of the substantial challenges that modern business leaders face. These pressures have pushed many businesses from the merely complicated to the complex domain, requiring new approaches to management — evolutionary agility at scale.

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New LeanKit iOS Mobile App and Android Updates


We just released a new LeanKit iOS mobile app that provides a faster, more reliable mobile experience. In this post, you’ll learn how to install our new iOS app and get a rundown of what’s improved.

Android users — we’ve enhanced your mobile experience too. Keep reading to learn how the LeanKit mobile experience is better than ever.

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Kanban Flow: 5 Ways to Deliver Value Faster

kanban flow

“Don’t ‘over control’ like a novice pilot. Stay loose enough from the flow that you can observe it, modify, and improve it.” — Donald Rumsfeld

Kanban enables teams to achieve a continuous flow of work, and is focused on optimizing an organization’s ability to deliver value to its customer. Achieving steady Kanban flow within your system can seem like a daunting task for teams new to Kanban. Start by focusing on these 5 actionable tips.

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