Screencast Roundup – May 2010

  • Customizable Card Types (screencast)
    You can now edit the default card types of feature, task, defect, and improvment, as well as add as many new ones as you like, and choose your own card colors. (more)
  • Class of Service (screencast)
    Use Class of Service to manage risk based on cost of delay, support SLAs, and make policies explicit. Choose your own CoS values and marker icons, or use card color to represent CoS instead. Measure Cycle Time/Lead Time by CoS as well. (more)
  • SPC Charts (screencast)
    Use Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts for Lead Time/Cycle Time to measure the variability in your Kanban system. Add control points and analyze by card type or Class of Service. A must for the organization moving toward high levels of maturity in process improvement. (more)
  • Organization-Level Statistics, Dashboard, Activities, and Aggregate Cycle Time (screencast)
    And the kitchen sink, too. (more)
  • New and Improved CSV Import Wizard (screencast)
Chris Hefley

Chris Hefley is a co-founder of LeanKit. After years of coping with “broken” project management systems in software development, Chris helped build LeanKit as a way for teams to become more effective. He believes in building software and systems that make people’s lives better and transform their relationship with work. In 2011, he was nominated for the Lean Systems Society’s Brickell Key Award. Follow Chris on Twitter @indomitablehef.