See Lane over WIP Limits

When a lane is over it’s WIP limit, how can you tell? In the past, you’d have had to count the cards. Now, when a lane has more cards in it than the WIP Limit allows (WIP limit is override-able, after all), you can see it clearly:

WIP Limit Violation

WIP Limit Violation

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Notice also that a lane that is *at* its WIP limit, like the “Ready” lane in the example above, will have a yellow border around the WIP limit. If the WIP limit is violated, the WIP Limit and the entire Lane are shaded red. In this case, the WIP limit being violated is the WIP limit of 3 for the “In Development” lane, which is clearly highlighted in red.

Chris Hefley

Chris Hefley is a co-founder of LeanKit. After years of coping with “broken” project management systems in software development, Chris helped build LeanKit as a way for teams to become more effective. He believes in building software and systems that make people’s lives better and transform their relationship with work. In 2011, he was nominated for the Lean Systems Society’s Brickell Key Award. Follow Chris on Twitter @indomitablehef.