Service Outage Report

Early this morning, we started experiencing extremely slow response times on our LeanKit websites and e-mails. After determining that our servers and system were themselves working properly, we isolated the issue to our domain registrar GoDaddy. Hackers had re-routed some of our web addresses to a site protesting proposed intellectual property legislation called SOPA. We are not in favor of SOPA in any way. We believe GoDaddy was the real target of the attack and we (and you) were just victims.

We’ve corrected the issue and reported it to GoDaddy and legal authorities. As of now all services are working normally although some sporadic issues are possible as changes to domain names can take time to spread through the Internet.

At no time were LeanKit Kanban servers or data accessed or compromised by hackers. They also did not reach our primary domain servers at PEER1 Networks. They simply accessed our Name Registrar at GoDaddy, reset the name servers to the GoDaddy defaults, and forwarded the domains to their own webpage.

The domain itself was not compromised. Some resources used by LeanKitKanban, however, reside on the and domains, and these domains were redirected. This is why you would not have seen the hacker site when you tried to access LeanKitKanban this morning, but behind the scenes many of the services used by the application were unavailable because of the redirect.

We sincerely apologize for any problems this outage may have caused you.

The LeanKit Team

Jon Terry

Jon Terry is Chief Evangelist, Lean-Agile Strategy for Planview, a market leading provider of portfolio management, agile management, collaboration, and ideation software. Before that Jon was co-CEO and co-founder of LeanKit, which pioneered the application of Kanban in knowledge work. Prior to that, Jon held a number of senior IT positions with hospital-giant HCA and its logistics subsidiary, HealthTrust Purchasing Group. He was among those responsible for launching HCA’s adoption of Lean-Agile methods.