Commitment – A Novel on Managing Risk

Last fall at Lean Kanban Benelux in Antwerp, Chris Matts and Olav Massen told us about a very cool idea for creating graphic novels to help people learn about Lean-Agile concepts. As big fans of business novels like Eli Goldratt’s “The Goal” we thought this was great. Several of us at LeanKit were big comic book fans when we were younger, so the combination of the two sounded both very useful and very fun. We were excited, interested in helping, and have periodically nagged them since then on Twitter.

Well, our wait is over (or almost)! We learned this week that they have worked with artist Chris Geary to write and illustrate “Commitment – A Novel on Managing Risk.” The book explains their leading-edge ideas on Real Options in a way that should make them much more accessible to a wider audience.

We’ve already pitched in as sponsors to help bring the project to the point where they can start publishing. We would encourage other members of the Lean-Agile community to do the same. We think this will be a great teaching tool that all of us can use to help our customers reach better results in their organizations.

The LeanKit Team

Jon Terry

Jon Terry is co-CEO and a founder of LeanKit. Before LeanKit, he held a number of senior IT positions with hospital-giant HCA, where he helped lead the widespread adoption of Lean/Agile methods. Jon is a frequent speaker at Agile, Lean and Kanban conferences around the world. Follow him on Twitter @leankitjon.