LeanKit Enhancements & Bug Fixes – Jan 2013

Continuous Delivery? Check.

As you may know, LeanKit is growing in many directions. With each passing day we add happy customers, rock star employees (we’re hiring!), and (most importantly) new ways to harness the power of visual management. As our team grows, we gain more capacity to explore and deliver tools that help users get the most out of LeanKit. While we may be running out of office space, our frequency of improvements and volume of added new features will only continue to expand.

We use LeanKit to manage our own work, so you better believe that we have digital Kanban boards from floor to ceiling (seriously, we’re running out of wall space). That being said, an improvement to LeanKit enhances not only our customer’s workflow tool, but ours as well. We are constantly exploring new ways and tools that compliment our software (See our recent blog post: The Future of Visual Management).

Simplicity is key…understanding daily status and progress should require a glance, not a meeting.  So, when you’ve finished browsing through our recently polished website, LeanKit.com, take a second to scan through the improvements and additions that we have made to our system, just for you (…but also for us!)

New Features / Enhancements

Move Cards Between Boards

Your wish is our command!  Portfolio Edition users in LeanKit can now move a card from one board to another. Feel free to pass work from one team to the next, move a card from Project A to Project B, or transfer an item from your “planning” board to your “In Process” board.  Start with a right-click of the mouse (or by hovering over the drop down menu) on any card, and proceed to move cards to and from any board that you have ‘user’ (or above) permission to.

Card Color Picker

So maybe you needed more than 16 different colors for your card types, or maybe you weren’t satisfied with the ones that we provided…whatever the reason, you spoke and we listened!  We have added the ability for you to use a color palate when specifying the color of a card type.  Feel free to use Periwinkle, Banana Cream, or even Lavender as the color of a card…we recommend refraining from black (unless you don’t need to read the text on the card!)

New Help/Contact Tabs

Have a question about LeanKit? No problem!  We’ve now added a simple to use help tab on both our public website and within our app (Hey look! There it is –>)!  Clicking on one of these tabs will give you direct access to our knowledge base as well as the ability to contact one of our friendly LeanKit gurus.  Like giving positive feedback? We’re happy to receive that too…so submit away!

Hover Menus 2.0 (For those who can’t right-click)

Contrary to popular belief, Mac users CAN right click (so stop picking on us!).  However, for those who are using a SMART TV or any other device where right clicking is burdensome or impossible, we have added the ability for users to simply hover over a lane title or the left side of a card to open up the “right-click” dropdown menu.  These shortcuts make it easy to quickly perform certain actions such as moving, editing, or adding cards. (This feature has been out for some time now, and we admit that it needed some tweaking. We have added some features to make it less prominent and the ability to disable it for those who want to keep things old school).

IE 8 Improvements

Do you use Internet Explorer 8? If you answered yes, not to worry, we’re here for you.  Some of our customers running IE 8 have been experiencing various issues when using LeanKit (i.e. adding attachments, or improper wrapping of lanes) and we’ve been working hard to standardize our user experience for all browsers that we support. Do we recommend that you use IE 9 or above? Yes. Do we understand that IE 8 is the only option for some of you? Yes (and we sympathize). But regardless, we’ve made a bunch of tweaks so that things run smoothly on IE 8. Please let us know if you find anything that we may have overlooked!

Improvements To Analytics

Graphs and charts are meant to be pretty and colorful. We’re cleaning up our analytics section to look a bit less intimidating.  Just because it’s a super-powerful data-crunching machine doesn’t mean that you should need a degree to navigate through it! In addition, our analytics will now save your user’s last request, so if you set a specific date range for a cycle time diagram or had previously explored a burn-up chart for a specific set of child cards of a parent project, expect to see your settings right where you left them when you return to that page.

Security Improvements

Good news for admins! We now offer the ability to set strong passwords (requiring either a number of characters, the inclusion of 0-9, or special characters) and lockout user accounts after a number of failed attempts to log in.  These settings are found in the organizational settings ‘gear’ located on the home scree (where all of your boards are pictured).

Additional Minor Fixes:

  • Decreased duration of time when opening the card edit dialog
  • Default date format set to “Month/Day/Year”
  • User can no longer disable him/herself
  • User who is the ‘Account Owner’ cannot be disabled
  • Issues pertaining to card comments and lane notifications
  • 401 statuses for API calls
  • Cards in Taskboards will keep their lane position until physically moved
  • Hover menus for lanes have an increased delay, and can be disabled in board preferences
Alex Glabman

Alex is the Program Manager of New Market Development at LeanKit. He has broad experience in training and coaching customers of various industries, from small domestic teams to large international enterprises. He is trained and experienced in complex organizational problem solving. He enjoys working with individuals and teams on process improvement. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.