April Application Enhancements

You know what they say about April showers?  Well, April was a busy month here at LeanKit.  Along with the effort to move to a state of the art infrastructure, many new features made an appearance.  Here is a rundown of the application enhancements that made the cut for April 2013, making for a brighter May:

Drag Your Boards

This allows you to move up, down and side-to-side within kanban boards with your mouse arrow rather than using the scroll bars.  You can navigate your boards more quickly… Try it out!

Collapsible Horizontal Lanes & Card Counts

Collapsible lanes are handy when you want to focus on a specific section of the board, but that helpful feature was easy to miss.  Now you will see an indicator (<<) on the lane headers to show that collapsing is available. There is also a new total count of cards within the header of the lane that is collapsed – great for fast assessment of work-levels.

Online Kanban Collapsible Lanes

Quick User Assign/Un-Assign, Bulk User Un-Assign

Since being able to see who is assigned to what work on your board is so important to project management in kanban, we continue to work on ensuring the best way to manage user assignment.  When you right-click on a card, you’ll be able to assign and un-assign users on the fly – no more pop-up screen.  Users that you commonly interact with will appear as the first quick selection options.  You can also un-assign all users at once, in bulk, if you need to.

Clone Your Existing Cards

Now you can create a new card by copying from an existing one.  Yep!  Just right-click to access the new copy feature.  Once created, the new card opens in edit mode with all of the attributes from the original card. Simply update your new card and press ‘save’ (and save even more time).

Calculate Task-board Percentages Using Card Size

Percentage complete is now calculated off of the size of the cards within the task-board for a more accurate completion rate.  Don’t fret if using card size is not your thing – we set the default card size to ‘1’.

Task Board Percentages

Choose Board Templates

When you need to create a new board, check out the template options (New Board > From Template).  The template selection is redesigned with more room for a description of the template and a zoom in/out feature to help you see how the board lanes are configured.

New API Call: Get Content of Archive By Date

/API/Board/{BoardId}/ArchiveRecent/?numberofdays=X, where X can be no greater than 60.  Don’t worry if this one doesn’t make complete sense… there are lots of folks out there that will appreciate it on your behalf.

Notable Fixes Implemented in April 2013:

  • Enter the title field of a new cards in new taskboard without conflict.
  • Non-administrator users in Basic Edition no longer get error when accessing Cycle Time Chart.
  • The number of available task-board categories are now in the associated menu.
  • Snapshots can now recognize certain international characters (Cryllic, Simple Chinese, etc.).
  • Comment counter number on card updating properly all the time.
  • Default image presented when Download Snapshot selected on brand new boards (and the thumbnail processor has not generated image).
  • Card Distribution by Current User chart will continue to show properly in “3D” after parameter change/data refresh.
  • Edit activity types.
  • IE browsers: can now pop out graphics in the Organizational Dashboard without an error and failure to render; will keep all information in title of a card when you click in the field; won’t present an error at first board export attempt.
Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why.” Follow her on Twitter at @kstfrancis.