Why LeanKit is Like Time Travel

Just as we powered up the TARDIS for Agile2013, the BBC announced the 12th Doctor in the long-running television program, “Doctor Who.” (Well played, BBC. Your timing couldn’t have been better.)

For those who are unfamiliar with the Doctor Who character, here’s a sky-high overview: Doctor Who is a Time Lord who travels through time in his TARDIS, an extraordinary spaceship that hides in plain sight as an ordinary blue “police box” (a British term referring to a street-corner callbox used for police communication). The Doctor is the hero of the story. He must defeat a host of bizarre, alien enemies to help the public, maintain civilization and bring justice to society.

What could this possibly have to do with LeanKit — a visual collaboration platform for project management?

Two words: time travel.

Well, not real time travel. (Not yet, anyway.) But when you use our new Forecasting and Risk Management tool, you can accurately predict delivery dates for future projects — almost as if you’d traveled through time to get them.

The Future of Project Planning

Instead of using guesstimates and hunches, you can forecast with confidence. Our tool automatically harvests real project data to fuel your predictions. It can even identify process bottlenecks that can hinder progress, and tell you how to fix them.

At LeanKit, we strive to improve the workplace by providing people with software that boosts efficiency, reduces stress and increases the number of high-fives.

We’d like to think that Doctor Who would champion the same values.

After all, saving mankind from aliens and saving mankind from traditional project management tools is pretty much the same thing.

Liz Llewellyn-Maxwell

Liz is the Corporate Communications Director at LeanKit, where she manages branding, communications and PR. A self-actualizing grammar nerd (and fan of rebellious design), Liz omits the Oxford comma about 92 percent of the time. Sometimes, she tweets at @lizzie6ls.