@mention for Targeted Team Communication

Now there’s a new way to communicate with team members about your shared work: @mention functionality.

Simple Collaboration

Just mention them (@name) in card comments to send an email letting them know about recent activity.

Use @mentions to communicate task details

It’s a great way to improve collaboration and ask questions of those on your team or stakeholders outside of your team.

Give it a try!

Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why.” Follow her on Twitter at @kstfrancis.

3 thoughts on “@mention for Targeted Team Communication

  1. Nate,

    Thank you for reaching out to us! Sorry you’re having some difficulty with @mention functionality.

    When you @mention a user in LeanKit, as soon as you begin typing the username, the tool automatically recognizes matching usernames. You should then see a drop down box pop-up that will allow you to simply click on the user you want to @mention, much like the image below.

    See Screen Shot

    If the username is being entered correctly and not being pulled in, verify the user has access to your board. You can invite them to the board if they need access.

    If you continue to have problems we may need some additional information to troubleshoot your issue.

    Feel free to get back in touch with us or connect with our support team.


    The LeanKit Team

  2. Hi Jeff,
    This wasn’t working correctly earlier but in trying it again, it seems to be working flawlessly now.
    Perhaps I didn’t have the users assigned properly.

    Thank you for the help!


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