Project Planning Just Got Easier

When planning a project, have you ever added cards to the board and then realized that they really belong on a taskboard? Well, we have a solution to help!

A Smarter Kanban Board

LeanKit recently introduced the ability to let you move cards from your board into a taskboard contained within one of your cards. This can be useful for several situations:

  • Sometimes, it makes sense to aggregate smaller cards together into a larger task or story.
  • You might decide mid-project that some cards should be included in an existing taskboard.
  • Managers occasionally need to see the completion rate for a subset of associated cards.

Conversely, if you’re like me, you’ve probably also included what looked like ‘tasks’ onto your taskboards that were, in fact, icebergs. That is to say, only 10% of their true mass was originally seen. Now you can move those cards out of your taskboard and onto a board (or drill-through board) as your work evolves – giving projects the visibility and status they deserves.

Let us know what tips and tricks you use when planning and re-planning your work!

Project planning with taskboard moves

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