This Is How We Do It – Blogs (A Photo Essay)

At LeanKit we have the entire team blogging and creating great content for the internet to devour. The following photo essay shows how that process started.

To set the stage – what we ended up with was a board with two sections:

Section one represents topics our content writers India and Jeff picked based on what they thought people would want to learn. If a team member wants to write on a different subject, they can add their topic on a card in section two.

Each card number is tied to a predetermined prize. Writers have a better chance of getting a prize that doesn’t suck if they pick a topic from section one. Some of these “premium” prizes include a life-sized cardboard cutout of the blogger for the office or a $100 VISA gift card. If people choose to write on their own topics they will probably end up with a piece of swag we picked up at a conference or a framed picture of yours truly for their desk. But they also might win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Contributors attach their blog to the card when it’s ready and then tag me in a comment on the card letting me know it’s done. At that point I send it over to Jeff to correct grammar, spelling, and work his magic so people will be able to find the blog on the internet.

Once he’s done, I post it.

Now what you’ve been waiting for… Here’s a short photo essay on how we got everyone on our team to start blogging for LeanKit’s blog.

How to Make Blogging Fun for Everyone – A Photo Journey

Coming up with Blog Contest Ideas

Here’s me drinking in the middle of the day thinking of ways to get everyone on the team to blog.

LeanKit Blog Contest Genius

BOOM! This idea will work…

No Running in The Situation Room

Running as fast as I can to create the Write Blogs, Win Prizes board.

Using LeanKit for Blog Schedule

Most likely listening to the Pied Piper of R&B, R. Kelly, since this is The World’s Greatest blog board.

Blog Content Schedule Using Online Visual Management

Here’s what the board looks like.

Write blogs win swag.

That is the opposite of the face people will have if they receive any of these prizes.

LeanKit's social media pro and delicious Honey's

Outside of Honey’s, our neighboring candy store. Someone is going to win a $25 gift card and hopefully use it to buy me a few milkshakes!

LeanKit developer David blogs and wins.

This is David Neal. He was the first person to turn in a blog. He ended up winning the Honey’s gift card. I have received zero milkshakes so far.

Content creator at LeanKit Jeff blogs for high-fives.

Jeff was the second one to turn in a blog. He won a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself for the office. He chose this photo so when people walk into our office, they’ll high five his cutout. Keep up with us on Twitter to see how the cutout turns out. It’s in production now.