LeanKit Integration Service for Project Management

We are very excited to announce our LeanKit Integration Service.  With LeanKit integrations, you can move projects, work and/or issues across a customized board. Taking advantage of visual cues, you’ll have instant visibility to the status of your work – despite the fact the data is “buried” in enterprise systems.

The LeanKit Integration Service can be used to synchronize projects between Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Studio Online (VSO), JIRA, or GitHub, and your organization’s LeanKit boards for a more robust set of project management tools.  The integration service is supported on our Select Edition.

Easy to set up

LeanKit Integrations helps Project Management

Included in the LeanKit Integration Service is an easy-to-use, web-based application for managing the synchronization between your projects and LeanKit boards. Give it a try!

Read the documentation or download the software.

Open Source Integration

We are also excited to announce that the LeanKit Integration Service is available as open source software! With access to the source code, you are free to modify the behavior of the LeanKit Integration Service to suit your organization’s needs, or to add support for your own project management system. The source code is available at GitHub, and is written in C# for Microsoft .NET.

  • Modify the source code to suit your organization’s needs.
  • Create your own “target” to synchronize LeanKit with your organization’s project management tool.
  • Use the source code as a starting point to create your own custom solution for automating your LeanKit boards.
  • Contribute your enhancements back to LeanKit by commenting on this post so that everyone can benefit!

Upgrade to Select Edition today to begin experiencing the added power of LeanKit’s Integration Service for visual process and project management.

David Neal

David is the Developer Advocate at LeanKit. He is a family man, geek, musician, motorcyclist, speaker, software developer, and Microsoft MVP living in North Georgia. He runs on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and bacon.

6 thoughts on “LeanKit Integration Service for Project Management

  1. Hi
    We use MS Dynamics AX project where tasks are “born”. The tasks are identyfied with a unique number and a project reference, and they contain date for start, status, asiignee etc. Have yoy any experience in integration of project and tasks from AX?

  2. Hi Arve,

    We don’t have any experience integrating with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Do you know if there is a SDK for developing custom solutions on AX?

    We are currently working on an integration with MS Project Server, in case that provides an integration path from AX.


  3. Hi

    We use Leankit and would like to integrate with Active Directory so our users authenticate into Leankit using AD credentials. Do you know if this is supported or if others have done so?


  4. Hi Peter – we have a user and security management API, but do not have a de facto Active Directory integration. I can have someone contact you directly to talk more about it if you like. Just let us know.

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