Vaco Technology Rips down their Whiteboards

Many thanks to Alex Naddell, Partner at Vaco Technology, for sharing your LeanKit success story with us.

Vaco’s story is well worth a read. With benefits including an ROI of 13,597% in the first year alone (yes, you did read that correctly – it’s not a typo!) and a new found ability to scale its business, LeanKit has transformed the way the organization manages its workflow.

Take a look at the before and after images that Alex shares; in this instance a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Old-style white boards with hard-to-read information have been replaced with electronic LeanKit boards that you can understand at-a-glance and contain accurate, up-to-date information.

This case study is testament to Vaco Technology’s industry-leading foresight in finding a better way to do business.  Alex sums it up well when he describes LeanKit as “like having the old whiteboards on steroids with 50 times the amount of information on it.”

Read the full story and learn more about how Vaco Technology is using LeanKit.