Mobile Visual Management with our App

We go where you go

In case you haven’t noticed, mobile technology is everywhere.  Our world is filled with hot-spots, and almost everyone has a ‘smart’ device.  No longer tied to our desktops, it’s changing the way we work.  Simply put, mobile empowers us to work anytime, any where – as long as we have the right apps to enable us.

LeanKit’s mobile app is designed to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on – so whether you’re at an offsite meeting, checking in from a coffee-shop or working from home, you can easily see the latest status, make updates and respond to comments.

Mobile visual management is changing the way people work

Daniel Norton, LeanKit’s Chief Mobile Officer, explains why mobile is such a critical part of LeanKit’s product strategy: “The workplace has changed. People no longer sit in cubicles all day, tied to their desktop computers. If  you’re using LeanKit to manage your work, you MUST have the ability to stay connected with your work and your team no matter where you are.”

Here are just a few ways going mobile with LeanKit makes your life easier:

  • No matter where you are and what you’re doing, real-time board updates keep you in-the-know.

  • By adding new cards and making edits on-the-go, things are less likely to fall between the cracks

  • Get the full context of what you’re working on with the ability to view and upload attachments right from your mobile device.

Here are the latest updates regarding our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

LeanKit for iOS 7:  We’ve just released an updated iOS app that supports iOS 7 and offers new capabilities including the ability view and upload attachments. It’s very easy to use with your existing LeanKit account; just download it from the Apple Store, login and start working.  LeanKit supports any iOS device that runs iOS 6 or 7, on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  You can get the app here.



LeanKit for Android:  LeanKit is actively working on an Android handheld application.  The beta version is expected to be released in early 2014.  (Update: LeanKit for Android is now available on Google Play.) Android users can look forward to a slightly different experience than the iOS app as our dedicated mobile team rethinks how LeanKit should work on a small handheld device.


For both iOS and Android mobile apps, look out for more exciting updates and new features in 2014.  Download the latest LeanKit iOS App or LeanKit for Android App — give them a try and let us know what you think.