New Task Boards Make Management Easier


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How do you keep track of all the minute details related to your work?  Static to-do lists with strikethroughs/checkmarks offer neither the context nor the opportunity for collaboration.

Seeing each granular task as a meaningful part of an adaptive visual flow makes work resonate loudly for everyone.  And instantly knowing priority and status, as well as potential impacts to other activities is empowering.

Quicker to Build



To keep track of dependencies, hierarchies or visually manage the ‘grains of sand’ – the ‘Tasks’ menu option is now easily accessible in every card.

On-the-fly Card Consolidation

For those, ‘Oops, those should’ve been grouped together…’ moments, cards now include a ‘Move to task board’ option in the drop-down. This helps you to include cards from the primary board as a task in another card.

Flexible Task Card Type

Task Types

Definable task types and task type filtering allow you to customize your task board and its cards to address your specific kinds of work. No more cards suffering from identity crisis. Easily distinguish, focus in on, and better understand dependencies between particular tasks in a complex process. Similar to the previous task board categories, these help you distinguish between task types without having to navigate through the sub-task boards.

Consistent Look-and-Feel

We’ve made the look, feel and functionality of all cards, whether in a main board or task boards, more consistent. This improves ease of use and is helpful when transferring task cards between boards or even when copying entire task boards.

Board-to-Board Transfers

When the work needs to move, it can. Change is inevitable. Team members take vacations and work scope fluctuates. It is now possible to meet change head-on by transferring your task board to a different team or project located on a separate board.  That’s right – no need to recreate it!

Better Progress Indicator

Card with progress bar

Watching a progress bar move isn’t a spectator sport, but it sure is fulfilling. The new indicator provides insight into task board content/complexity with the number of tasks and overall progress.  Lovers of proportions and ratios can also hover over the progress bar to get those valuable percentages they so desire.

Templates for Repeatable Processes

Do you have processes that require similar deliverables and get repeated time-after-time?  Examples might include product launches, new hire on-boarding or building out new servers or network infrastructure. Now you can build a model task board with a default set of cards and clone it each time you execute that process.  This means less rework and time saved by eliminating the need to re-create task boards and new cards manually.

We’ve also simplified the cards themselves. There’s a single dedicated area for both basic and advanced settings, minimizing the number of clicks required to create your cards.

If you don’t use task boards yet, give them a try. See how visually managing the finer details of your work with a dynamic, context rich flow can help!

Basic Edition users, here’s how to start a free 30-day upgrade to give task boards a try.  You can always revert back – no hassles, no problem.

Basic Free Upgrade A

1. On the main screen (where you can see thumbnails of all your Boards), click the gear icon in the upper-right to open the Account Settings window.
2. On the Account Details tab, hover your cursor to the right of where it says “Basic Edition” and click the edit icon that appears.


Basic Free Upgrade B

3. In the drop-down menu that opens, select the Edition you’d like to upgrade try and 4. Click ‘OK’

13 thoughts on “New Task Boards Make Management Easier

  1. This is incredibly exciting! It will allo the extension of project portfolio board management to extend down to integrated use by individual projects to manage tasks. Fantastic!

  2. Thanks Shane!

    Glad to hear our most recent feature update has made made task management on LeanKit that much easier for you and your team.

  3. Thanks for your comment Jason, we are always glad to get feedback from users! Everyone here at LeanKit definitely shares in your excitement.

    You are completely right on target. The new feature was designed to make visual task management more effective by allowing quick and easy access to multiple levels of information contained within your cards, boards and portfolio.

    Feel free to share your success via our Bare Your Board Contest. You might even win a sweet prize!

  4. This is very good, but I often update the board via ios app and as far as I can see task boards are not accessible using the app. For me this is a major drawback – are there any plans to update the app to address this?

  5. Thank you for your feedback Tim!

    I believe you are referring to the drop down menu that appears on the left-hand portion of the card when you hover your mouse over it. At this time that menu is reserved more for quick action items, such as moving cards to another area on your board or assigning users.

    However, we do appreciate and consider every suggestion that comes in from our dedicated customer base. If you would like to make a more formal suggestion while getting your idea for enhancing LeanKit out in the open, feel free to submit your post via our Feature Request Forum. By doing this not only will everyone at LeanKit be able to see your comment, but other customers can chime in and vote it up. If you really like an idea, some folks use Twitter to drum up votes.

    If you are having trouble or running into problems accessing comments or tasks within the cards please let us know by emailing our Support Team at or you can search for answers to your questions via the LeanKit Info and Support area.

    Thanks again for your comment!

  6. Excellent suggestion Ed!

    Here at LeanKit we appreciate all the feedback and comments we receive from all our customers and are always open to new ideas.

    You can send a formal request to our development/UX team via our Feature Request Forum. There are several advantages to posting on the forum; mostly it allows everyone in the LeanKit community to see your suggestions and makes an even bigger case for your request.

    Thanks for your comment!

  7. We love this feature! Is it possible to change the columns of the tasks from To Do, Doing and Done and give them other names or add additional columns? If so, can you create a template of the new columns so that you can use them for multiple cards?

  8. The ability to customize the task board would be helpful. As Don indicates, the ability to add or change columns would be a good start. And in addition to this, the ability to add horizontal swim lanes would be particularly helpful to our efforts.

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