The Recipe for Startup Success: Transparency and Collaboration

If you work for a start-up, then you’ll be familiar with the unique culture that accompanies it. The hunger and passion that comes with being a positive force for change. The desire to take a new idea, innovate your way through chaos and uncertainty and create a better solution.

Collaboration is at the heart of startup success, fueled by a culture of team work, sharing ideas and adapting quickly to change.  And, as Chris Rathermel, Co-Founder and CTO of MEDarchon, recently shared with us, the first step is building a transparent and accountable environmentthat enables constant improvement.

Chris – whose company is working tirelessly to reduce the number of medical errors that occur each year due to breakdowns in communication – took the time to explain how visual management is playing an essential role helping his company hit its stride.

MEDarchon is using LeanKit to manage a broad range of business processes including software development, client onboarding, sales opportunities and executive level priorities. Underpinning the value that LeanKit provides is the way it makes the “team feel like a team”, facilitating collaboration and transparency across the organization.

Chris’ advice for other startups? “In a startup situation it’s so important for the business to have visibility into what’s being worked on as early as possible and to start delivering value. LeanKit is a great tool for helping you get going and then evolving with you as you figure out better ways to do things.”

Learn more about how MEDarchon is using LeanKit.