How Visual Management Can Help the Bottom Line

Imagine trying to keep track of 1400 tax returns, all being shuffled around the office in manila folders as they go through a series of steps and hand-offs between several people.

imagesJust knowing the whereabouts of those folders would be challenging enough, let alone checking the status of each one to make sure it’s on track to meet that looming April 15th due date.

Honestly, it would be more surprising if something DIDN’T fall between the cracks. And it doesn’t make for great customer service if you can’t give your client an immediate update when they call in to find out where their tax return is at.

Prior to implementing LeanKit, that was reality at my accounting firm. Fortunately, the Partners of this accounting firm have a very progressive outlook when it comes to finding ways to do things better.

What started as an initiative to go paperless evolved into a new approach that leverages visual management to increase visibility – and confidence – in the way the organization manages its work.

As one of the firm’s Partners pointed out, LeanKit is an ideal solution for any organization looking for a more effective way to manage its work:

“We work with a lot of small businesses who still rely on manual processes or list-based project management tools. Many of them are struggling from lack of visibility in the same way we were. These organizations don’t want to invest a lot in heavy project management tools. LeanKit is an ideal fit – it’s lightweight, versatile and helps organizations become so much more efficient.”