LeanKit Webinar Recordings

Here are some recordings of previous LeanKit webinars:

Title: Mobile Visual Management

Presented by: Daniel Norton, Chief Mobile Officer

Description:  Did you know you can use LeanKit on all your iOS devices, including your iPad and iPhone? See LeanKit’s iOS app in action, get the scoop on Android, and learn more about:

  • How to check status and make updates on-the-go
  • New ability to view and upload card attachments
  • iOS 7 support for iPad and iPhone

Daniel Norton, Chief Mobile Officer, shares LeanKit’s mobile strategy and answers questions.

Playback: (This video is no longer available)

Title: Get More From LeanKit

Presented by: David Walker, VP of Product Marketing and Alex Glabman, Product Specialist

Description: Are you ready to take visual management to the next level? David Walker, VP of Product Marketing, leads a discussion on how to extend LeanKit beyond basic task management. We’ll show you tips, tricks and pretty good practices during a live demo that includes how to:

  • Use visual management in ways you never imagined
  • Track and incrementally improve your team’s performance
  • Apply new visual management practices to your everyday work

Playback: (This video is no longer available)

Title: Visualization Meets Automation: new techniques in collaboration for development teams


Presented by:

  • Chris Gundersen, Director of Core Technologies and Chief Architect, LeanKit
  • Alex Papadimoulis, CEO, Inedo

Find out how innovative visualization and automation techniques can help your development and operations teams work together more efficiently to deliver great software. Get the latest insights and best practices on how to:

  • Visualize your DevOps processes on a virtual whiteboard using LeanKit to enable real-time information sharing and continuous improvement between teams.
  • Automate your build and deployment processes with BuildMaster to enable faster and less error-prone development and deployment cycles through continuous delivery.

Playback: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku4b9e4Va0c