Sneak Peek – Upcoming UI Enhancements

In an effort to continuously improve the LeanKit user experience we are bringing you a clean and modern new user interface (UI).  The new UI enhancements help streamline the way you manage your boards, your reporting and your support needs.

All the board menu functions will be consolidated into icons.  The backlog and archive lanes will now be accessible via pre-collapsed lanes on either side of the main board – allowing you to keep everything open, if you choose.  All card data will be archived for you to access whenever you need and will be automatically placed into the cabinet card after 14 days (instead of 90 days).

UI Update1

Our gear icon won’t just be for board settings (user access, card types, etc.) anymore.  Soon, it will include functionality to edit the board layout, subscribe to updates/feeds and create snapshots.  New realtime snapshots that include the entire board is also part of the UI refresh.

Note: The ‘Calendar’ subscription you see below adds cards with dates to other calendars (like your mobile phone) and is already available.

UI Update 2

The reporting menu will include the activity stream – this groups all data gathering functions into a single area.

UI Update 3

Have a question?  To quickly search support articles, create a support ticket or pull up the latest product update information simply go to the help menu.  All support materials will be accessible via the question mark icon.

UI Update 4

Now that you’ve seen our sneak-peek of the upcoming UI improvements, leave a comment below and let us know what you think.  Learn even more about the updates in this quick video.

The UI refresh is coming soon – stay tuned!