LeanKit’s Calendar View


When was that due?

Visualize your date-driven work with LeanKit’s calendar view and see your work in a weekly/monthly calendar view – in addition to the standard board, or workflow, view.

The enhanced ability to visualize scheduled and unscheduled work in LeanKit ensures that you won’t miss important deadlines. Even if you’re using a pull system, where due dates aren’t as critical, the calendar view enables you to create a rough timeline of events to organize efforts and communicate your schedule with other team members and stakeholders.

What to Expect

Simply add dates to your existing work items on the board and then toggle to the calendar to get a view of what needs to be completed, by when.  Planning your short-term schedule is easy – just drag unscheduled work items onto the calendar and adjust start/finish dates on the fly.


'Due date' replaced by Start/Finish dates to more closely align with project terminology

The standard date card icons in the workflow view are helpful visual cues for distant, upcoming and missed deadlines. By taking advantage of our new calendar feature, it’s easier than ever to get your arms around all of your date driven efforts.

flow_cal view

Quickly toggle between workflow and calendar views

How the calendar view works

  • Quickly access any scheduled and unscheduled work from both the calendar and workflow views
  • Set card start and finish dates to show activity duration
  • Drag unscheduled work into the calendar to build a schedule
  • Move cards on the calendar to adjust dates on the fly
  • Create, update, filter and search card information in both views
  • Hover over any calendar entry to get a card summary

Give it a try

Watch this brief video to see the calendar view in action.  Tell us what you think!

10 thoughts on “LeanKit’s Calendar View

  1. Hola Daniel,

    Perdón por la traducción entrecortado – Estoy usando Google Translate.

    Ofrecemos una integración calendario de Google a través de Zapier. He aquí cómo funciona Zapier:

    He aquí un ejemplo de una integración con Google Calendar y LeanKit: https://zapier.com/zapbook/leankit/google-calendar/8732/create-leankit-reminder-in-google-calendar/

    Espero que esto ayude. Si usted tiene alguna duda, nuestro equipo de soporte estará encantado de ayudar. Enviar ellos en support@leankit.com.

  2. Hi Rikkesh. There’s currently no way to exclude weekends from calendar tracking in LeanKit. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. can this be enabled on the mobile apps? this would be HUGE if we could have this view on ios app. We want to use lean kit to help with scheduling an install team. and they only have iPhones in the field.

  4. Currently no, though it is in our roadmap for future mobile functionality. Have you tried subscribing to your board’s calendar feed from the browser app? Doing so will automatically add your cards to your calendar app of choice (outlook, ical, etc.) and create an all-day event that spans from that cards’ start date, to its finish date. Hope this helps.

  5. Is there an easy way to drag cards out of the calendar view (removing dates) without having having to manually delete dates from each card?

  6. Maria, thanks for your question.

    You can right click the card > Quick Edit > Edit Dates, and remove them that way, but you can’t drag the card anywhere to remove the dates in calendar view.

    LeanKit team

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