How LeanKit became ‘the go-to place to know what’s going on’ at Emma

The link between business agility and business success is clear. In the face of fierce competitive environments and ever-emerging customer requirements, businesses must ensure they can adapt to change rapidly and efficiently in order to stay relevant.

Yet as business leaders constantly adapt their strategic roadmaps to address changing priorities, keeping the entire organization in tight alignment can be a challenge.

This all too common situation was no different at Emma. As the organization experienced rapid growth it became harder to clearly communicate when priorities changed or deadlines shifted. Frustrations mounted due to the lack of visibility into what was going on, causing people to feel like they were ‘100 different people working on 100 different things.’

In this success story, Kat Amano, Operations Analyst at Emma, explains how a transformative new approach has aligned the entire organization around common business goals. She describes how Emma implemented LeanKit to support the new process, keeping everyone informed about what’s going on, why things are changing and the impact.

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Read this case study to learn how LeanKit has become the ‘go-to place to know what’s going on’ at Emma, ensuring that execution stays in synch with strategy.