Add-Ons Support Custom Reporting & Security Controls

LeanKit Portfolio Edition Add-Ons help you successfully meet your organization’s requirements for additional security controls and highly customized reporting.

Now available to our Portfolio Edition customers, Add-Ons offer three ways to further customize your LeanKit experience:

private cloudPrivate Cloud offers a virtual, dedicated environment for additional security controls, improved performance and custom backups.

ReportingCustom Reporting Database includes full database extracts that are transformed and delivered daily, weekly or monthly to support your organization’s specific needs.

lockEnhanced Security Administration delivers options to control strong passwords, account locking and file attachment settings.

To learn more about the Portfolio Edition Add-On offerings, read our Add-Ons page or contact us via this simple form.

Enterprise Teams Choose Portfolio Edition

Enterprise Kanban

LeanKit Portfolio Edition Add-Ons complement an already rich set of features for enterprise Kanban and visual management. Designed for larger organizations and/or more mature Kanban teams, LeanKit Portfolio Edition includes multi-level work structuring, enterprise-level reporting (e.g., dated history exports and valuable insights to measure effectiveness by tracking flow, quality, throughput and lead times) and system integrations for GitHub, Jira, Microsoft TFS and other tools you use.

LeanKit Basic Edition is ideal for individuals and smaller teams getting started with visualizing their work and/or practicing Kanban. Team Edition is a good fit for organizations extending their adoption of LeanKit across multiple teams and/or advancing their Kanban practices. Learn more about LeanKit Editions here.

Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why.” Follow her on Twitter at @kstfrancis.