Changing the Way REA Group Works

REA Group Team Collaboration

REA Group team members collaborate by using LeanKit on a touchscreen.

REA Group has experienced impressive growth since it was founded in 1995. A startup that began in a suburban garage, it now employs more than 900 people worldwide and is a top 100 Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) company valued at $6.78 billion.

As REA Group continues to grow, the enterprise has embraced Agile and Lean practices to ensure the delivery of business value to its customers, using LeanKit to support the initiative.

We interviewed Damian Fasciani, Technology Services Manager at REA Group, to understand how LeanKit is changing the way REA works.

What started in the technology services group as a way to visually manage work using “digital card walls” has now spread across the organization to include HR, legal, procurement, sales and marketing teams.

Today, LeanKit has become an integral part of how teams work at REA Group, providing better work visibility and enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate more effectively.

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