How a Product Development Team uses LeanKit

The LeanKit product development team shows how they use LeanKit Boards and the Kanban Method to continuously deliver value to our customers. Take a quick journey with our product development team and our CTO, Stephen Franklin, to see how they’ve improved team effectiveness with the application they code themselves.

2 thoughts on “How a Product Development Team uses LeanKit

  1. Way too rushed to get anything useful from this – I’m trying to set up something like this at the moment and even if I keep pausing & rewinding I’m not learning how you have set up lean kit to work like this

  2. Hi, Andy! Are you seeking to connect multi-level boards across multiple teams? Or represent more than one process on a board? Or something else altogether? With more information, I’ll be able to better search our knowledge base for you and hopefully get you the resources you need.

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