How to Boost Collaboration with Targeted Notifications

Collaborate and Work the Board

In today’s busy workplace, how do you make sure you’re collaborating effectively? Team emails and all-hands meetings — while good at keeping everyone up to speed — can be inefficient for managing day-to-day communications.

To cut down on the status update clutter and inject more meaning into ongoing conversations, try using targeted notifications directed to those who are involved in the work. LeanKit helps everyone stay on the same page by offering a host of collaboration features for different roles in your organization.

Stay in Sync with Subscriptions

Just like in social media, LeanKit subscriptions automatically pull you into all of the communications that are associated with you. Any person who’s been given access to LeanKit can subscribe to email and/or RSS notifications, which are triggered by board, lane, or card updates. Email and RSS notifications provide information on what’s been updated, a link to quickly access more information, and the context as to why you’re receiving a communication. For instance, you’ll know if you’re subscribed to a board, lane, or card (or if you were @mentioned) so you can opt out of further notifications, if desired.

Auto-subscription and Manual Override

Continue to be part of card notifications for any card(s) that you’re assigned to or @mentioned in with the auto-subscribe setting. The organization-level settings establishes a default opt-in for all users, while a user’s personal preferences provide the option to override the organizational setting. Auto-subscribe establishes an open door to any communications you’re associated with, while standard subscription management options help users ensure they’re not getting overwhelmed.

Organizational setting for auto-subscribe

The organizational setting to auto-subscribe assigned or @mentioned users to future card updates

Board Subscription

When there are infrequent status updates (e.g., strategic or quarterly initiatives), a board-level subscription helps you stay apprised of the latest changes. For a board with a lot of activity, the lane, card, or taskboard subscription options ensure team members aren’t buried by too many email updates.

Lane Subscription

This type of subscription is for a section of the workflow that you want to keep tabs on (i.e., you don’t need to know about the work until it’s in a specific section). This setup informs you of cards that have moved into a designated lane — like a Review or QA lane — that require your attention.

Card Subscription

For work that you’re interested in following through all or part of the workflow, such as a card that represents critical  effort, subscribe directly to a card to receive email notifications about card updates.

Taskboard Subscription

If you’d like to get notifications on updates made to a card’s taskboard, access the specific taskboard and choose to subscribe.

Involve Your Organization with Collaboration Features

LeanKit is designed to increase transparency by enabling teams to visualize their work and workflow. This not only benefits teams at the execution level, but it also allows other members in the organization to stay up to date.

Stakeholder Involvement

Open the door to collaboration by setting key stakeholders or interested parties as a default security role of “Reader.” Establishing an organization-level auto-subscribe default keeps notifications flowing to any user who is @mentioned or subscribed. Even Readers can receive an @mention, giving them the ability to share feedback and ask questions by replying directly back to the card via email.

Leadership Insight

The staleness and due date filters provide leaders with quick insight into what requires attention. These filter options allow management to intervene as needed and ask targeted questions based on status updates and comment threads found inside the card.

Team Sharing   

Instantly see who’s working on what and minimize handoff confusion by assigning cards to multiple team members. Anyone who’s auto-subscribed to communications will be included in all future card notifications regarding that effort.

Cross-team Communication

After establishing cross-team norms for board-to-board card transfers, quickly maximize visibility and collaboration with other teams by transferring cards from your board to their board.

Move cards between boards for cross-team or cross-project work.

Move cards between boards for cross-team or cross-project work.

Work Together for Success

Setting the stage for targeted notifications within teams and across the entire organization opens the door for a more successful work environment. LeanKit’s collaboration features help your team work together more effectively to reach your goals.

Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why.” Follow her on Twitter at @kstfrancis.