Scaling Agile with New SAFe Templates

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Since day one, LeanKit has been dedicated to helping organizations scale Lean and Agile practices across the enterprise. Discover how LeanKit is simplifying the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) with new portfolio, program, and team level board templates.

Implementing SAFe with LeanKit

Lean thinking is foundational to SAFe — making LeanKit uniquely suited to support this proven framework. Over the past few months we’ve been working with the Scaled Agile Framework team to create kanban board templates that make SAFe easier to implement. These templates support SAFe 3.0, the latest version released in July 2014.

LeanKit’s multi-level board structure is designed to ensure that strategic decisions made at the portfolio level are tightly aligned with execution at the team level.


LeanKit provides portfolio, program, and team level templates to help you implement SAFe

As with all our templates, LeanKit’s new SAFe templates allow you to get started quickly and modify them as you go to reflect your organization’s unique requirements.

SAFe Portfolio Kanban Board

Using a kanban board at the portfolio level helps you visualize your organization’s cross-program initiatives and facilitates strategic decision making. This board template makes it easy to distinguish between Business and Architectural epics, and track your initiatives through to implementation.


SAFe Portfolio Kanban Board

SAFe Program Backlog and Release Planning Board

Our program level board template is designed to coordinate the efforts of multiple teams. This allows you to create a single Program Backlog for each Agile Release Train, breaking down epics into features for prioritized delivery in Program Increments.


SAFe Program Backlog and Release Planning Board

SAFe Agile Release Train Board

Teams use the Agile Release Train board to break down features into user stories and manage them through to implementation. LeanKit lets you represent different workflows on the same board, giving teams the flexibility to use — and transition to — any methodology they like.


SAFe Agile Release Train Board

How to access LeanKit’s SAFe templates

If you’re looking for ways to scale Agile and Lean more effectively in your organization, be sure to check out these new templates in the Board Template Library.

Find LeanKit’s new SAFe templates in the Board Template Library under Scaled Agile Framework

Learn More

For more information on how LeanKit supports SAFe, read LeanKit and the Scaled Agile Framework. You can also contact us at — our certified Scaled Agile consultants will be glad to help. We’re also a Scaled Agile Tooling Partner.