Lean and Kanban at Scale

About this Webinar

The essence of Kanban is to manage the workflow of value added activities by limiting how much work is being done. I’ll explain how I use Lean thinking to extend Kanban to the portfolio, program, and team levels:

Portfolio Level: Limit the number of initiatives in play and avoid overloading teams by requiring business stakeholders to size and sequence work.

Program Level: Gain insights into team structure and coordination approaches to deliver value faster through shorter feedback loops.

Team Level: Manage how much work is in progress — and not yet deployed — across the entire development cycle, including DevOps.

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To learn more about how LeanKit supports Lean and Kanban at scale, read about our SAFe templates.

Al Shalloway

Al is the founder and CEO of Net Objectives. With more than 40 years of experience, Al is an industry thought leader in Lean, Kanban, product portfolio management, Agile design and Scrum. He helps companies make enterprise-wide transitions to Lean and Agile methods and also teaches courses in these areas. Connect with him on Twitter @alshalloway.