New Connections Functionality Now Available


LeanKit’s new Connections functionality has been released to all Portfolio Edition accounts. Find out how this enables you to track and manage work distributed across multiple teams and boards — without losing sight of the details.

For some time now, LeanKit has provided the ability to create drill-through relationships. This functionality enabled you to establish parent-child associations between a card on one board and one or more cards on another board.

“Connections” are the New Drill-Throughs

With this release, Drill-Throughs have been renamed as Connections. Existing drill-through relationships continue to work as before, but with a number of important enhancements:

  • A new Connections tab within each card makes it easier to create, manage, and remove relationships between cards.
  • New rollup statistics provide better visibility into the progress of work that spans multiple boards.
  • The option to drill through to a new or existing board has been replaced with Breakout to a New Board or Delegate to an Existing Board.
  • You can now have a Taskboard and a Connection associated with the same card.
  • These improvements are also be available in LeanKit’s iOS application.



Use the new Connections tab to track and manage work distributed across multiple boards

Better Visibility into Work Spanning Multiple Boards

Improved status information on the face of the parent card — including a new icon to indicate that a Connection exists — helps you instantly see how much progress has been made.

Before and After

Warning indicators also appear on the face of the parent card to alert teams that child cards are blocked or exceed planned finish dates.

Rollup statistics in the Connections tab provide additional insights to quickly assess the status of connected work items — with the ability to drill into the details as needed.

Rollup statistics give instant visibility into the status of work distributed across multiple boards.

Rollup statistics give instant visibility into the status of work

This information includes:

  • Total # of child cards and their total size (card size defaults to 1 unless you change it) as well as details about any child cards that are blocked and/or past their due date.
  • A high-level progress bar showing how many cards are Not Started, Started, and Finished.
  • The planned start and finish dates of the parent and child cards. Compare these dates with the actual start and finish dates to see if the project is progressing on track.

How do these Changes Help?

Connections are designed to give you greater flexibility and visibility in the way you manage your work. Establishing connections between cards enables you to:

  • Provide stakeholders with the right level of visibility to make informed decisions, drilling into the details as needed.
  • Improve collaboration between teams by making it easier to track work spread across multiple boards.
  • Quickly assess progress and identify potential problems — including blockers and scheduling issues.

LeanKit provides a number of capabilities to help you manage your work with the right level of visibility and detail. Here’s a quick look at what to use when:

What to use when