Recent and Upcoming Enhancements

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Here’s a roundup of features that have either recently rolled out or are coming soon, including:

  • Changing start and finish dates
  • Default board security settings
  • Two way connections
  • Personal profiles
  • My LeanKit for iOS
  • Customizable card icon

Recent Enhancements

Changing Start and Finish Dates

New quick edit capabilities for start and finish dates make it easier to adjust your work schedule as needed. Quickly update a single card, make updates to multiple cards (specific lane or multi-select), and move selected card dates backward or forward without losing their sequence.

Update a Single Card: Make quick edits to any card on your board — including a date change — using the right click drop down menu.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.05.04 PM

The Quick Edit menu offers several ways to easily update work details, including planned start and finish dates.

Update Multiple Cards: When a schedule change affects more than one card on your board, update several cards at the same time with multi-select (control/command + click) and the right click drop down menu. When schedule delays or advances impact all the cards in a certain lane (e.g. a specific step in the process or subprocess), use the lane header menu for quick edits.

Use multi-select to make quick date edits.

Use multi-select to make quick date edits

Update Options: When updating the start and/or finish dates for the selected cards, there are two options.

Option 1: Apply the same start and/or finish dates to all of the cards selected. To change either the start or finish date on the selected card(s), simply enter a new date for one and leave the other date blank.

Option 2: For related work that occurs in a sequence, utilize the second option to move selected card dates backward/forward by a specified number of days without losing the order.

Change selected card dates

Radio buttons offer two options for schedule updates.

Default Board Security

New LeanKit accounts now have default board level security for new users set to “User.” This will enable new users to see the boards as soon as they login.

Default Board Security

This helps both account administrators and new users get started with fewer steps. This setting can be changed based on the security needs of your organization via the Settings icon in the top bar of the Home Screen.

Please note: Existing LeanKit account security settings won’t automatically change with this enhancement. Account administrators can manually update default board security via the Settings icon.

Two Way Connections

An additional enhancement to LeanKit’s Connections functionality, this feature helps you establish two-way relationships between cards on different boards. For example, if you establish a work connection between a parent card on board A and a child card on board B, you can now also establish a relationship between a parent card on board B and a child card on board A.

Upcoming Enhancements

Personal Profile

LeanKit users will be able to manage their profile and preferences via a new window. Access to your personal information will be available by clicking on your avatar image in the right corner of the top bar of your workflow or calendar screen.

Personal profile in top nav

This will help you easily update user information such as contact details, notifications, avatar settings, and date format. The Personal Profile will include three areas:

  • My User Profile includes email address, name, time zone, date format, password, and role. You’ll also be able to manage this from your Home Screen.
  • My Board Preferences includes hot keys, subscriptions, and avatar settings.
  • My Apps & Devices includes an area for customers using SSO to list device details.
Three sections in Personal Profile offer quick user setting updates.

My User Profile and My Board Preferences for user setting updates.

My LeanKit for iOS

My LeanKit for iOS will show a combined view of all your work — including any work that you’re assigned or subscribed to — across all boards.

View work that you're assigned or subscribed to and make work updates, from anywhere.

View work that you’re assigned or subscribed to and make updates, from anywhere.

This new standalone app will help users that are more interested in a consolidated view of their own work, similar to our Android app, and is an exciting compliment to the existing iOS app that provides the big picture of your entire team’s work.

Custom Card Icon

Visual cues on LeanKit cards help team members understand important work details at a glance and provide powerful insight when filtering and reporting on your data.

Examples of visual cues include:

  • Card color for work type
  • User avatar icons to identify ownership
  • Class of Service icons to communicate business value
  • Blocker icon to show an impediment to progress

Feature card with visual cues

Soon, Class of Service will become a customizable icon – with more flexible field labeling and configuration based on your needs – to help further categorize work types. For example, you could use a custom card icon to identify which customer the work is for, which project it’s connected with, or what product it’s related to.

Please note: Organizations that currently use Class of Service will retain all of their existing settings upon release of this enhancement and will have an opportunity to reconfigure their new custom icon when they’re ready.

Product Updates

To see and hear more about what’s new and what’s coming in LeanKit, register for our upcoming Quarterly Product Update Webinar (December 10, 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET).

Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why.” Follow her on Twitter at @kstfrancis.