DevOps Evangelist Dominica DeGrandis Joins LeanKit

Dominica DeGrandis Joins LeanKit  as Director of Training and CoachingWe’re excited that Dominica DeGrandis has joined LeanKit as our Director of Training and Coaching. Dominica is well known for her work with IT and Operations teams as a Kanban for DevOps trainer and coach. As a highly recognized international speaker, she’s often on the road, appearing at events focused on Lean, Kanban, Agile, and DevOps.

In this new role at LeanKit, Dominica will become an active participant in leading many of our training and consulting sessions, as well as speaking on behalf of LeanKit at conferences around the world.

About Dominica

Dominica trains organizations to use the Kanban method to improve workflow and throughput. She’s keen on providing visibility and transparency across teams to bring alignment to the entire organization.

Over the last 18 years, Dominica’s worked with large and small companies in the following areas:

  • Training and coaching
  • Configuration management
  • Build and deployment automation
  • Server and environment maintenance
  • Project and release management

Dominica combines experience, practice, and theory to help teams level up their capability.  Her work focuses on methods for managing and improving workflow and communication between and within departments, especially the workflow through IT and Operations. In addition, as a proponent of the DevOps movement, Dominica works to bridge the gap between Development and Operations teams.

Keep up with Dominica

Dominica blogs at and tweets at @dominicad. She’s already hit the ground running at LeanKit with her first onsite training session, held near her home base of Seattle. Her next event appearance will be at Enterprise DevOps Israel 2015 on Feb. 10, where she’ll present on the topic, “How We Used Kanban in Operations to Get Things Done.”

Liz Llewellyn-Maxwell

Liz is the Corporate Communications Director at LeanKit, where she manages branding, communications and PR. A self-actualizing grammar nerd (and fan of rebellious design), Liz omits the Oxford comma about 92 percent of the time. Sometimes, she tweets at @lizzie6ls.