February Newsletter: Kanban for DevOps, 7 Lean Metrics, New Custom Card Icons, and More

LeanKit February Newsletter Header

Here’s the February 2015 edition of the LeanKit monthly newsletter.

Kanban for DevOps: 3 Reasons IT Ops Uses Lean Flow (part 1 of 3)

Heard the joke about being “done” and being “done-done?” In part one of this three-part blog series, Dominica DeGrandis explores why using a lean flow approach can help redefine the finish line for IT Ops teams and those who are implementing a DevOps value chain. READ MORE

Understanding Your Process as Collaborative Knowledge Discovery

Instead of viewing our process as a series of handoffs between specialists, Kanban Coaching Professional Alexei Zheglov urges us to visualize it as a sequence of collaborative activities. READ MORE

7 Lean Metrics to Improve Flow

“Good” flow is critical to delivering value quickly and more reliably. Find out which Lean metrics best support the business outcomes of your Kanban system and learn how to use them to continuously improve your process. READ MORE

What’s New: More Flexibility with Custom Card Icons

Visualize the way you classify your work with LeanKit’s new custom card icons. Providing additional context — such as where the work is coming from or why it’s important — helps team members know where to focus their efforts. READ MORE

Next Webinar: Enabling Lean and Agile Transformations at Scale

In our next live webinar, Jeff Anderson, Lean-Agile Advisory Practice Lead at Deloitte Canada, will explain how the Lean Change method helps organizations manage transformation at scale. REGISTER NOW


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