Flow-Driven Product Development

Learn how product development organizations are using a Lean, flow-driven approach to achieve predictable releases and enable continuous improvement.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, I’ll share my experiences helping enterprise product development teams apply Kanban to become more agile.

Highlights of what you’ll learn:
– Why product development teams are adopting Kanban
– How to get started with Kanban and evolve incrementally
– How LeanKit helps you visualize and manage your workflow

I’ll share success stories — and lessons learned — from the product development organizations I’ve worked with to implement a flowdriven approach.

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Yuval Yeret

Yuval Yeret is a leading Kanban practitioner in the world of enterprise product development and the CTO of AgileSparks, a world leader in Agile support and training services. He is also author of Holy Land Kanban, a long-time Kanban blogger and a recipient of the Kanban community Brickell Key Award.