Top 3 Most Wanted Lean Metrics [Survey Results]

Lean Metrics Survey Results

In a recent survey to further understand your analytics and reporting interests, we asked the following question: “What analytics do you use now, and which ones would you like to use in the future?” Thanks for sharing your preferences with us. Here’s a quick summary of the results.

Top 3 Most Used Reports

  1. Cycle time
  2. Cumulative flow
  3. Process control chart

Top 3 Most Wanted Reports

  1. Release predictability
  2. Defects
  3. Cross-team rollup reports

This feedback, combined with direct customer input, helps us understand which lean metrics are most important to you. Check out the chart above for the complete results. How do your interests compare?

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Most Wanted Lean Metrics [Survey Results]

  1. The cycle time calcs in Leankit are total time. An option to subtract non-working days (weekends) would be beneficial.

  2. Hi Bradley,
    You’re correct on how the calculation works. We plan to introduce the option you propose with our upcoming Custom Reporting solution — stay tuned for more information. Additionally, please consider adding your comments to the ongoing discussion about this in our feature request forum.
    Thanks for your comment,

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