Does This Fizz Good? [Webinar]

Watch this webinar to find out how asking a simple question can improve your delivery speed.

About This Webinar

To help teams make effective day-to-day decisions that support Lean-Agile principles, we’ve created a simple yardstick at LeanKit called FSGDFrequent, Small, Good, Decoupled.

Easy to remember and apply, “Fizz Good” is a way of breaking down work that reduces the need for cross-team scheduling, estimation and coordination. The results? Faster delivery of customer value.

In this webinar, I’ll explain how FSGD can help your organization and how to get started.

Here’s a link to my slide deck.

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Daniel Norton

Daniel Norton is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at LeanKit, where he leads several development teams. His previous engagements include native mobile app development with a small software consultancy and technical leadership at a large healthcare provider. Daniel is a polyglot with a passion for mastering emerging technologies and mentoring their adoption within development organizations. Follow him on Twitter @daniel_norton.

2 thoughts on “Does This Fizz Good? [Webinar]

  1. Thanks, enjoyed the webinar. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Why do you have a separation between front-end teams and back-end teams? Have you experimented at all with the cross-functional “feature team” idea, where a single team can produce a user outcome end-to-end?

    2. Given that you are not using feature teams, do you struggle to answer stakeholders asking for when initiatives will be delivered? An end-to-end scenario might look like: Team A needs to do X, then Team B needs to consume X and do Y. This makes it tough to use empirical data to forecast outcomes, and required dependencies to line up. How do you handle this?

    Thanks again!

  2. Great questions, Neil — and great ideas, too. I definitely agree that the struggles you raised in your second question apply to technology-focused teams. We haven’t experimented with feature teams yet, but we can definitely see how that structure could fall in line with the FSGD philosophy.

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