Measuring and Reporting with LeanKit

Whether you’re a team member, project manager or executive, find out how LeanKit’s reports and analytics give you the insights you need to measure and improve your delivery success.

About This Webinar

During this session, I’ll take a look at the following roles:

  • Teams: Continuously measure and improve using Lean metrics that focus on flow, throughput and quality.
  • Project Managers: Create custom reports to help you manage risk and communicate status to stakeholders.
  • Executives: Analyze the health of your portfolio and assess organizational performance using custom dashboards.

For each role, I’ll discuss the goals, questions to ask, and which reports to use to help you answer them.

Here’s a link to my slide deck.

Learning Resources

Interested in learning more about Custom Reporting? Just contact our sales team to get more details or request a demo. For more information about our product editions, please visit our pricing page.

Alex Glabman

Alex is the Program Manager of New Market Development at LeanKit. He has broad experience in training and coaching customers of various industries, from small domestic teams to large international enterprises. He is trained and experienced in complex organizational problem solving. He enjoys working with individuals and teams on process improvement. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.