The Agile Manager: What’s Your Role? [Podcast]

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In business today, the role of a manager is at a crossroads. The traditional command-and-control manager, who’s rooted in positional power, exists in most organizations. However, there’s a growing swell of support for a philosophy that embraces the wide sharing of intent so decision making can be opened up to employees at all levels. Listen to the podcast

Proponents of this shift believe it will improve morale, increase the speed of innovation, and make the organization more competitive. Some companies go as far as to call for the removal of all managers, and some claim to have done just that. Is there a middle ground?

Regardless of what you think of the manager title and what it stands for, “good” managers are still out there, despite the traditional power structure. In this podcast, I’ll discuss the value that an Agile manager can deliver to teams. I’ll also talk about how you can tame the chaos of your own hectic job by using concepts and methods you already know.

Many thanks to Tom Cagley at Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPaMCast) for having me on his show.

Julia Wester

Julia Wester is a Web Developer turned Manager turned Lean Consultant and Kanbanista. Passions include helping people visualize and manage their work, showing that management doesn't have to be a dirty word, and helping people remove unnecessary drama at work. Julia is co-founder of Lagom Solutions. Connect with Julia on Twitter @everydaykanban