The Shape of Uncertainty [SlideShare]

About the Presentation

Welcome to the SlideShare recap of my presentation, “The Shape of Uncertainty,” given at the DevOps Enterprise Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 20, in San Fransisco, Calif. The DevOps Enterprise Summit is a leading event for people who are bringing Lean principles into the IT value stream while building DevOps and Continuous Delivery into their organization.

What You’ll Learn

For a variety of reasons, we often overestimate our ability to get work done. We overcommit our teams and ourselves. This leads to broken promises, unhappy customers and unhealthy businesses. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to use a Kanban flow approach to measure the probability of delivering work on time.

Topics include:

  • An executive overview of the Kanban Flow method: While demand is unbound, capacity is limited
  • How to measure the probability of finishing work on time
  • Wait time vs. getting work done time: A look at flow efficiency and resource efficiency
  • What, how and why to set WIP limits to strengthen business health

See the presentation on SlideShare.

Dominica DeGrandis

Dominica teaches Kanban to DevOps enthusiasts. As an Executive Consultant at LeanKit, Dominica combines experience, practice and theory to help organizations level up their capability. She is keen on providing visibility and transparency across teams to reveal mutually critical information. Follow her on Twitter at @dominicad.