How to Quantify Cost of Delay

Find out how quantifying Cost of Delay helps organizations improve prioritization, make trade-off decisions and create a sense of urgency.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, I’ll explain how visualizing the impact of delay helps us understand value and urgency.

Topics covered include:
– An introduction to Cost of Delay
– Why Cost of Delay is the “one thing” to quantify
– How to get started using Cost of Delay

I’ll also share how Cost of Delay sped up the delivery of value across Maersk Line’s $100m portfolio.

Learning Resources

Joshua Arnold

With a background in fluid mechanics and systems engineering, Joshua Arnold has worked for the past decade with various organizations to improve their systems of innovation and software delivery. Joshua recently co-authored an IEEE paper called “Black Swan Farming” on the use of Cost of Delay across a $100m p.a. portfolio at a Fortune 500 company. He shares some thoughts on innovation and tilting the playing field at

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  1. Hi!

    I love this talk. We are a software outsourcing firm and cost of delay have a huge impact on our business. We have one big team pulling from one kanban board and we are trying to use CoD to prioritise features cross projects.

    Can you open this video on vimeo? I can’t open the video with chromecast here

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