Introducing: The First-Ever Lean Business Report


In September 2015, we launched the first-ever Lean Business Survey to gain insight into how people were applying Lean across all disciplines of knowledge work. In two short months, we gathered responses from more than 3,000 executives, consultants, and team members in a variety of industries, hailing from 75 countries across the globe.

Thanks to the strong response to our survey, we’re pleased to announce the release of our inaugural Lean Business Report. This report is the first of its kind, and this exclusive research has never been released until now.

92% of teams surveyed experienced moderate to significant improvements after implementing Lean. Download the report to learn what practices and principles are guiding them to success.

Why Lean?

We know the profound impact of Lean first-hand — it’s in our name, and it’s who we are. The Lean pillars of continuous improvement and respect for people have become synonymous with our company values, guiding how we shape our culture and build our products.

Over the years, we’ve heard similar reports from our customers. Many of them adopted Lean to help them better navigate necessary change, so they could respond with agility and speed — whether it was for their team, department, or across the entire enterprise. We wanted to know how people like them are applying Lean to knowledge work and what has made them successful.

The 2016 Lean Business Report

The Lean Business Report combines our exclusive survey research with educational content from thought leaders in the Lean for business space. By reading this report, you’ll not only gain an understanding of how others are practicing Lean, you’ll also find specific, actionable tips to advance your Lean practice, both at the team and organizational levels.

In the 2016 edition of the Lean Business Report, you gain valuable insights into:

  • Who’s practicing Lean
  • How Lean is being scaled across organizations
  • What tools and metrics Lean teams are using to get ahead
  • The traits of highly effective Lean teams
  • The benefits teams are experiencing from implementing Lean
  • The surprising role executives play in Lean transformations

Download the 2016 Lean Business Report

Download the Lean Business Report here, and share it with your network.

Maja Majewski

Maja has always been interested in the intersection of psychology and business. After studying Human and Organizational Development and Corporate Strategy at Vanderbilt University, Maja joined the LeanKit team as a content writer, where she was able to dive deeper into her exploration of how people, processes, and technology interact. She has authored over 200 articles and ebooks for several high-growth B2B companies, including LeanKit, Planview,, and Clearbit. She served as the lead writer and researcher on LeanKit's Lean Business Report in 2016.

When not writing about process improvement, Maja practices it in her personal life - finding applications for her mantra "Better than before!" in everything from cooking to exercising. She enjoys spending time at home and going on adventurous vacations with her boyfriend and their German Shorthaired Pointer, Wrigley. Connect with Maja.