Introducing Office Hours

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Our Customer Success team is excited to introduce Office Hours, a virtual meeting room where our experts are available to answer questions, teach and reinforce Lean and Kanban concepts, and guide you through any challenges your team may be facing. Whether you have a question about a Lean concept or a LeanKit feature, our experts are ready to coach you to success.

About Office Hours

Learning a new system or new concepts has its challenges. Think back to when you were in school: learning and applying something new took practice. Attending lectures and doing homework was helpful, but sometimes you ran into problems you didn’t know how to solve, or concepts that didn’t seem to “click”.

In these situations, you probably consulted your professor during their office hours. You came to them with your specific problem, and got the guidance and expertise you needed to work through it. Sometimes, other students would be in the room, facing challenges similar to yours. You’d discuss the difficult concepts as a group, and everyone would walk away feeling more confident in their abilities.

Office Hours at LeanKit

At LeanKit, we want to offer you a similar experience: A place you can go when you need questions answered, or you want to talk through a challenge your team is facing. Whether you need assistance with the product or with understanding Lean and Kanban principles, the Customer Success team is here to guide you.

Office Hours is designed to be an open forum where you can ask a question, pose a request, or receive a personalized tour of our newest features. And stick around: you might hear someone else ask something that gives you that “Aha!” moment you’ve been looking for. We want this to be a community of people who learn and grow in their Lean/Kanban practice together.

In environments of continuous improvement, we know things are moving quickly — so it’s crucial to get timely feedback when you run into an issue. It’s important to us to be there for you to provide the guidance you and your team need to be successful. This is why we are offering Office Hours sessions with our LeanKit experts every week. (To register for the next session, see our Office Hours page.)

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

At LeanKit, we believe in continuous improvement, and we want our customers to have the tools they need to continuously improve. Our goal for Office Hours is to put our customers on the fast track to success by providing guidance and visibility into common challenges they face. We’re dedicated to being trusted advisors to our customers. Our top priority is to make sure our customers are receiving the most value out of our product and our service offerings.

Teams who experience the greatest success with using our product and scaling Lean and Kanban principles are those who know how to make it work for them. With our Office Hours, we want to give you the confidence to tackle any challenge, with the guidance and experience of our seasoned experts.

If your question or problem requires more attention than an Office Hours session will allow, we also offer a wide variety of training opportunities, ranging from brief video conference sessions to multi-day workshops. Learn more about our training offerings here.

Register Now

Registration is easy: simply go to the Office Hours page in our Knowledge Base and select a time and date that works for you under Registering for Office Hours. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email and calendar invite. Easy as that.

So, come on in! Our door’s open.

Katie Keller

Katie Keller is a Customer Success Manager who is dedicated to helping customers become LeanKit experts. She's devoted to process, and loves the flexibility Kanban provides, which allows her to continuously improve everyday. Connect with Katie on LinkedIn.