Feature FOMO: LeanKit Features You've Been Missing

As an avid LeanKit user, you might think you know all that the product has to offer, but there are probably a number of features you are not completely familiar with (and are missing out on!) In this webinar, you’ll hear firsthand product examples and customer stories such as:

  • Tales of how Thomson Reuters aligned their globally distributed teams & reduced overhead
  • Why a leading insurance provider is now able to stay in sync and deliver faster, all while achieving significant ROI, cost-savings, and delivery-time reductions
  • How a top financial services company has achieved productivity gains and greater agility through improved collaboration 

You will learn:

  • How to improve your success with LeanKit by exploring new features
  • How like-minded customers are seeing results

Watch the recording:

Liz Llewellyn-Maxwell

Liz is the Corporate Communications Director at LeanKit, where she manages branding, communications and PR. A self-actualizing grammar nerd (and fan of rebellious design), Liz omits the Oxford comma about 92 percent of the time. Sometimes, she tweets at @lizzie6ls.