Kanban with JIRA

LeanKit is a powerful Lean-Kanban tool that enables teams to visualize and manage their work processes. It is popular with IT Operations teams because it allows more flexibility than a traditional software development tool. Meanwhile, many development teams use JIRA, an Agile tool, for issue and project tracking. Integrating LeanKit with JIRA can help you achieve greater visibility across your software development processes. Read to learn how Kanban with JIRA and LeanKit can help your teams deliver faster and collaborate more effectively.

About the Integration

LeanKit’s integrations are powered by TaskTop and provide fully automated, bidirectional synchronization. This gives you full flexibility to configure how LeanKit and JIRA work together to meet your organization’s unique integration needs.

Kanban with JIRA: Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how integrating LeanKit with JIRA can help your software development teams operate more efficiently and effectively.

Improving Communication between Dev and Ops

If your QA and Development teams are using JIRA to manage their work, and your IT Operations teams are using LeanKit, the LeanKit-JIRA integration can improve communication and flow between these two teams. Using the integration can help keep everyone aligned on the priority and status of work.

Increasing Visibility at Every Level

Another common use case for this integration is using LeanKit to enable Lean project portfolio management, while using JIRA to manage work at the team level. Many organizations use epics in JIRA to represent projects and features, breaking them down into stories and tasks at the team level.

This is great for teams, but it can be challenging for leaders to understand the status of initiatives when they are broken down to this level of granularity. It can also be difficult for leaders to see where they can jump in to remove obstacles blocking progress. Integrating LeanKit with JIRA gives everyone, including stakeholders, the visibility they need to enable progress.

Benefits of Using LeanKit Kanban with JIRA

The LeanKit-JIRA integration ensures that LeanKit and JIRA always stay in sync, status updates are automatically radiated in real-time, and team-level execution stays aligned with business strategy.

To learn more about how to use LeanKit to practice Kanban with JIRA, visit our integrations page.