New Release: More Ways to Connect Work, More Visibility

If you’re trying to be more lean and agile, you know it’s important to decouple work and limit cross-functional dependencies. While dependencies often present risks to fast, continuous delivery, they are also an inevitable part of any high-functioning organization. Where necessary dependencies exist, it’s important to visualize them in a way that keeps everyone aligned.

With our latest Connections release, we’re bringing you even more ways to gain visibility into work across your organization. Now you can connect one child card to multiple parent cards, enabling you to communicate project status across multiple boards without having to create more work for you and your teams.

Connecting key initiatives to the work that makes them happen allows executives and managers to see real-time progress against critical business objectives. It also allows team members to clearly see how their work is providing value to organization-wide goals. So whether you need to communicate rollup info to stakeholders or you need to track dependent work items across the organization, you can easily visualize complex relationships between cards and keep work moving faster.

Increased Visibility with Connections

Clearly Communicate to All Stakeholders

To illustrate this example, let’s look at an Operations team. This team is the service center that builds servers for projects. When the Implementation team needs a server, they add a card to the Ops team board as a way to submit the request.

The Director of Operations and the Director of Implementation both want to monitor progress on the project. These Directors manage work on separate boards and need rollup status for the server project on their respective boards, so they each create connections to multiple parent cards.

Now, as the new server card on the Ops team board moves through the process, it updates progress on the parent cards for not only the Director of Operations’ board, but also for the Director of Implementation’s board, so each stakeholder can see project status directly from his or her own board.

The Director of Operations and the Director of Implementation can clearly see -- simply by looking at the progress bar on each of their parent cards -- when the new server is completed.

Complex Card Relationships Don’t Have to be so Complex

With the ability to connect one card to multiple parent cards, you are free from the hassle of monitoring and consolidating status information across multiple teams and boards. By connecting cards the way work is connected in real life, you can easily track and measure the progress of work that impacts not one, but many of your initiatives, with no additional effort.

Check out the new connection feature in your Advanced or Premium LeanKit account to start visualizing your complex workflows and getting more done.

Visit our Help Center’s card connections hub for more information on creating and managing card connections.

Ariel Klontz

Ariel is a Customer Documentation Specialist at LeanKit. With an English writing degree from Middle Tennessee State University and aspirations to become an author, she can always be found writing something. Connect with her on Twitter @arielklontz.