New LeanKit iOS Mobile App and Android Updates


We just released a new LeanKit iOS mobile app that provides a faster, more reliable mobile experience. In this post, you’ll learn how to install our new iOS app and get a rundown of what’s improved.

Android users — we’ve enhanced your mobile experience too. Keep reading to learn how the LeanKit mobile experience is better than ever.

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IT Automation, Absurdity, and the 5 Whys

IT Automation LK_blogPhoto_Robots

Automation is a way to improve a process by reducing or eliminating the need for manual effort. It can improve the speed or accuracy of a repeatable process, freeing your resources to focus on more nuanced work.  Automation can also help make it easy for anyone to jump into a process with little to no prior knowledge.

The value of automation is clear, but it’s often difficult to determine what should be automated — and in what order. The 5 Whys is a helpful thinking tool that we use at LeanKit to help uncover the root causes of problems and prioritize them in a methodical way.

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