Build Quality In: The Key to Continuous Delivery in Kanban


The technology world is changing fast, faster than ever. A few years ago, we thought that only the Amazons or Facebooks of this world would be able to do continuous delivery. Now, the phenomenon is getting traction, starting to become mainstream and before we know it, it will be commoditized. Everybody will do it.

Why? Because the ability to release often gives organizations a great competitive advantage over their competitors with slower turnaround times. In order to practice continuous delivery, teams have to build quality into everything they do. This means that the actual product not only reaches the customers faster -- it’s a better product, too. Learning to build quality in with Kanban helped my development team reduce waste, deliver faster, and communicate better with the organization around us.

Keep reading to learn how my development team changed our infrastructure, development practices, and culture to enable continuous delivery.

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