What’s New: Make IT Service Management Visible with New Kanban Board Templates

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When multiple teams, various tools, and stakeholders from across the business are involved, IT Service Management (ITSM) processes can be complicated and challenging to manage — but Kanban can help. We’ve created new board templates, based on ITIL guidelines, to quickly get started on managing and implementing your ITSM processes. These new Kanban board templates will give your team the visibility it needs to take a systems-thinking approach to prioritizing and managing problems, changes, and incidents — resulting in faster time to resolution and reduced costs.

Keep reading to learn how your team can use these Kanban board templates, with specific examples of some of your most common workflows: incident resolution, problem and incident management, change authorization, and change implementation.

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What’s New: Increased Visibility with New Integrations


Our new integrations help you deliver value faster by enabling you to create a single, virtual system that optimizes your value stream. LeanKit Integrations provide a powerful way of enabling each team to work in their tool of choice while maintaining a single source of visibility into work details and status.

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Better Visibility Into Your Connected Work Items


We’re excited to bring to you a new view of connected cards, saving you time spent jumping between boards and allowing you to move quickly on items that need immediate attention. You can now see all work items connected to a parent card in a single view, giving you critical information, such as due dates and blockers, at a glance.

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JIRA and Kanban vs. LeanKit

jira kanban

JIRA, Kanban Boards, and LeanKit

Kanban is used across many types of organizations to visualize work, limit work in progress, focus on flow and create an environment of continuous delivery. If you’ve ever used or considered using a Kanban tool, you’ve probably encountered Kanban in JIRA. While JIRA technically provides Kanban functionality, it doesn’t support some of the key principles of Lean and Kanban.

In this post, we’ll compare JIRA Kanban with LeanKit, the leader in enterprise Kanban. We’ll then provide use cases for integrating the two systems, to allow everyone in your organization to use the tool that is purpose-built for them.

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My Favorite LeanKit Feature: Subscribe to a Card

LK_blogPhoto_favoriteFeatureHana here, from Product Marketing at LeanKit. One of my main roles is as a liaison between our Product and Marketing teams, ensuring that feature releases are communicated effectively with you, our customers.

I was recently asked to name my favorite LeanKit feature, and to be honest with you, that’s a bit like picking a favorite child. I decided to begin with LeanKit’s Subscribe to a Card feature, because it’s had a tremendous impact on the way I manage cross-departmental work.

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Accelerate Your Delivery with Two New Reports


LeanKit provides a flexible environment where teams practicing different methodologies — such as Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall and everything in between — can work together within the context of the larger enterprise system to deliver value faster.

Our reports and Lean metrics help you create an environment of continuous improvement, enabling teams to optimize the way they work and evolve their processes to accelerate delivery.

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Managing Complex Workflows in LeanKit

Managing Complex Workflows in LeanKit

Are miscommunications, handoff delays and unforeseen issues impacting your organization’s ability to deliver? Watch this webinar to learn how to reflect your work structure in LeanKit so you can keep work flowing across multiple teams.

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