An Open Letter to our Customers and Partners from Tim Mulron & Jon Terry

Today, we are excited to announce that LeanKit has been acquired by Planview, and we are joining the Planview portfolio of work and resource management (WRM) solutions. By combining our two like-minded cultures, and by building on both of our companies’ strong commitment to serving our customers, we see an incredible opportunity to enable organizations to communicate, innovate, and deliver faster…

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Executives: Your Charge as a Lean Leader

lean leader

Enjoy this excerpt from the latest Lean Business Report. Download the full report here.
If we were to point to one defining challenge for businesses today, it would be innovating fast enough to keep up with the blistering pace of disruptive competition. Lean can help businesses do just that — but it relies on an evolved form of leadership to do so.

As Lean leaders, it’s our job to unlock all of the knowledge in our employees by aiming to give them — in Dan Pink’s words — autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We will get our best organizational results if we give our employees the autonomy to do their work their way. We can do that safely if we invest in their skills so they have the mastery to do the work well. And we will get the right outcomes, and recruit and retain the right people, if we provide clear and consistent information about our organizational purpose — not the dry “what” but the inspirational “why.”

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Customer-Centric to the Core


At LeanKit, Lean isn’t just the product we sell. It’s in our name because we passionately believed in it when we founded the company, and we still do today.

By embracing Lean across our company, we’ve adopted a customer-centric approach -- not only in our product development, but also in every other department, from finance and accounting to sales and marketing.

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